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 The Pulse

Whether, and how, to combine central pre- and post-award offices has recently become a hot topic in the research administration field. As institutions decide whether or not to combine their central pre- and post-award offices, they are faced with questions such as which division the combined office should fall under, and what services to assign to central pre- and post-award offices. Some may wonder what other institutions are doing in that regard. We surveyed research administrators in order to find out answers to some of the questions about pre- and post-award office setup in their institutions. Read more.

 Learn, Succeed, Lead!

“Change is good.” We’ve all heard the saying. Perhaps it’s in relation to a re-organization of your portfolio, a change in senior leadership at your institution, or a redistribution of responsibilities. But change is also hard. As research administrators, we have a choice. We can stick with the status quo, which is undoubtedly more comfortable, or we can choose to embrace new opportunities and grow professionally. In order to continuously raise the bar of professionalism in our dynamic field, I hope we choose growth! Here are some thoughts and suggestions around how to ride the waves of change and innovation that impact research and the professionals who support research at institutions large and small. Read more.

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Learn, grow, advance

Journal of Research Administration

Volume XLV, Number 2 - Fall 2014

Jeffrey N. Joyce, Ph.D.
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

The Journal of Research Administration (Journal) provides a scholarly forum for information and critical analysis of research administration topics to help our members meet their challenges in developing the research enterprise while assuring compliance with a myriad of agencies. This issue reflects the theme of the “inorms” meeting held April 10 – 13, 2014 in Washington, DC at the Washington Hilton. The International Network of Research Management Societies (...Read more.