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View from the Top
I am pleased that this issue of the View From the Top focuses on the upcoming Annual International meeting. I attended my first Annual International meeting at the Hotel del Coronado many years ago (1984, I believe). I experienced the synergy, comradery, diversity, and inclusivity that made SRA International such a thriving organization in 1984 and still today. Read more.

Learn, Succeed, Lead!
The Annual Meeting is going to be wonderful with a full slate of expert speakers, but the most valuable thing you can do may be to expand your network and strengthen the one you already have. Have fun and join the conversation with your peers!  If you are fortunate enough to be attending this great event, here are some ways to maximize your time there... Read more.


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Learn, grow, advance

Journal of Research Administration

Volume XLV, Number 1 - Spring 2014

Volume XLV, Number 1 Cover

Jeffrey N. Joyce, Ph.D.
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

The Journal of Research Administration (Journal) provides a scholarly forum for information and critical analysis of research administration topics to help our members meet their challenges in developing the research enterprise while assuring compliance with a myriad of agencies. In the April-May 2014 issue of The SRA Catalyst, Pamela Miller in “View from the Top” presented the summary of the peer interactions and discussions from the 2013 SRA Senior...Read more.