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Perceived Importance of Spatial Proximity, Face Time, and Personal Relationships with Investigators
As research administration has become an established profession, many institutions are taking the next step toward developing models to optimize pre- and post-award support to investigators, hoping to provide maximum efficiency for the best value. In this effort to optimize, various models have been adopted, each with an organizational structure that promotes different facets of research administration. This month we sought opinions on the importance of such issues as spatial proximity, face time, and personal relationships with investigators, to the success of various research administration models.  Read more.

A Brief History and Insight on Human Subjects Research
Perhaps not surprisingly, advances in human research, much like any other aspect of science, has really boomed over the last decade. With more research involving human subjects comes more responsibility and more public scrutiny. Research using human subjects raises two major questions: (1) Is it necessary to perform the experiment using human subjects to answer the question(s) at hand?, and (2) Is the research important enough to validate the need for human research? Read more.


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Journal of Research Administration

Volume XLVI, Number 2 - Fall 2015

The Society of Research Administration's Journal of Research Administration

Timothy L. Linker
High Point University

The Journal of Research Administration is dedicated to stimulating critical thought and creating a space for dialogue to answer questions posed to us by our evolving field. As the new Editor of the Journal, I want to thank Dr. Jeffrey N. Joyce, the previous Editor, for his untiring efforts to expand the Journal’s breadth and depth of expertise, while working to ensure that it reflects the global community that it serves.

As an outgrowth of those efforts, in October of 2015, the SRA board...Read more.

Symposium Papers

Presentations on Video
On Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at SRA International’s Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, four talented individuals took the stage to present their Symposium Papers. Symposium Papers are written to advance and enrich the body of knowledge of research administration and management as an art and science. Did you miss the presentations? Well don’t worry, because we have some exciting news for you! The Symposium Videos are Available Online.