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Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) in Research
This month we wanted to learn more about the management and administration of financial conflict of interest (FCOI) at our colleagues’ institutions. We will continue to periodically check the “pulse” of research administration community on various topics. Look for the future columns in the SRA Catalyst throughout 2017... Read more

Broader Impacts Across Borders
The National Alliance for Broader Impacts (NABI) is a NSF-funded network of individuals and organizations working together to build institutional capacity, advance BI, and demonstrate the societal benefits of research. The goal of NABI is to create a community of practice that fosters the development of sustainable and scalable institutional capacity and engagement in broader impacts activity.  Read more

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Broadening participation through NSF INCLUDES

A Plan to End 'Unfair' Credit


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Journal of Research Administration

Tim Linker
High Point University

The Journal of Research Administration is committed to broadening and deepening our shared understanding, so that we can successfully manage the global research enterprise and solve our collective challenges. With the complexities of research administration ever growing, there has never been a greater need for more effective management. Fortunately, research administrators are renowned for their willingness to share their successes and failures. It is with this perspective that the Journal contributes to our...Read more.

Symposium Papers

Presentations on Video
On Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at SRA International’s Annual Meeting in San Antonio, four talented individuals took the stage to present their Symposium Papers. Symposium Papers are written to advance and enrich the body of knowledge of research administration and management as an art and science. Did you miss the presentations? Well don’t worry, because we have some exciting news for you! The Symposium Videos are Available Online.