Distinguished Faculty

SRA International Distinguished Faculty

The SRA International Distinguished Faculty designation is not an "honorary" award for service to SRA International or a "lifetime achievement” award. Rather, "Distinguished Faculty" is meant to serve the following purposes:

  • To recognize the outstanding expertise of SRA International members to the formation of the body of knowledge required by professional research administrators; 

  • To recognize the importance of a body of theoretical as well as practical knowledge for an individual to be a professional research administrator;

  • To recognize individual SRA International members who are:

    • Outstanding teachers;

    • Outstanding researchers or exemplary professionals in the field of research administration;

    • Have published theoretical and practical contributions in professional and scholarly, peer-reviewed journals;

  • To create a "Distinguished Faculty," recognized by SRA International, who may:

    • Be called on as expert consultants by universities, hospitals, not-for-profit research organizations, and industry and government research laboratories, and administrative authorities to present professional workshops, educational courses and professional development programs;

    • Be called on as expert "faculty" to instruct for-credit educational courses or programs (e.g., MPA, MBA, Ph.D.)

    • Be called on as expert researchers to conduct external, periodic and professional reviews of research administration capacity and processes within organizations, at the request of the organization.

Expectations of Distinguished Faculty

Individuals who are granted Distinguished Faculty status are expected to:

  • Enhance the professional development of research administrators around the world by creating and presenting high-quality education and training content that adds to the body of knowledge in the field of research administration. 

  • Serve as "thought leaders" to help the Society develop educational programming that is responsive to the significant events, complex issues and new trends impacting the field. 

  • Adhere to the standard of behavior outlined in the SRA International Code of Ethics.

  • Participate in a variety of SRA International programs and events each year. This can be accomplished by creating and/or designing program content (serving as a track chair, symposium chair, thread leader, etc.) for any meeting type (e.g., Annual, Section, Chapter, Themed, etc.), or facilitating/presenting original content in the form of workshops, seminars, and webinars.

  • Serve as an SRA International Committee member or chair.

  • Serve as an Ambassador at Annual, Section, Chapter, and/or Themed meetings.

  • Mentor other SRA International members upon request.

  • Have a documented history of superior past performance as a presenter and subject-matter expert.

  • Support the Society when unanticipated or critical situations arise (e.g., filling in at the last moment in the event that a scheduled meeting speaker is forced to cancel unexpectedly.)

Qualifications of Distinguished Faculty

Individuals who wish to seek Distinguished Faculty designation through SRA International must:

  1. Be an SRA International member in good standing (i.e., dues are current as either a full or retired member);

  2. Have a minimum of five years’ experience in research administration at a university or other post-secondary educational setting, hospital, not-for-profit research organization, industry research laboratory or government research laboratory;

  3. Have demonstrated (as documented by degree, accreditation and/or job function) theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of research administration and/or a sub-field or research administration.

  4. Be recognized by other scholars and practitioners in the field as subject-matter experts; as evidenced by at least three (3) of the following:

    • Achieving honors in the field (e.g., awards for service, dedication or outstanding performance)

    • Publishing research administration scholarly and/or trade work (e.g., articles, books, book chapters, poster presentations)

    • Developing and presenting original content for internal (home institution/organization) and/or external (e.g., outside institutions, professional organizations) venues (sessions, workshops, webinars) on research administration subject matter

    • Teaching, designing, directing and/or coordinating courses on research administration subject matter

    • Serving as a consultant to outside organizations in the field

    • Serving as a mentor in the field 

Term of Appointment

Individuals who are designated as Distinguished Faculty will be so named for a period of three (3) years, beginning at the SRA International Annual Meeting in the fall, and are renewable upon application and demonstration of on-going commitment to the profession and SRAI.