SRA International kicks off its 50th Anniversary Celebration

This month SRA International kicks off its 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Over the last 50 years, the types of research have changed, regulations have increased, international collaborations are now common place, and major technology advances have occurred. Despite all these changes, SRA International’s CORE VALUES of supporting researchers so they can engage in world leading research has not changed. Our original members came from colleges and universities, research hospitals or institutes, non-profit organizations, industry and government; this still holds true today. Where we changed is that we are expanding our outreach and are now providing the latest in research management innovation and information to 110 countries across the globe.

We are developing a series of events in 2016 and 2017 to highlight where we were as an organization, but more importantly to focus on our next 50 years. Each month we will be providing something new and exciting about the history or future of SRA international - look for it.

Lawrie Robertson and Jim Hanlon are co-chairing our 50th Anniversary activities and are forming broad-based teams to organize our anniversary activities. They are looking for your ideas to incorporate in our celebration. If you have old or recent photos of attending an SRA event, a story about your involvement in SRA International, or an idea for how we can celebrate our history and future, please contact Lawrie at