Western/Southern Section Meeting

March 30 - April 2, 2014
The Westin Denver Downtown
Denver, CO

Climbing to New Heights with SRA

Come join us in the Mile High City as we are "Climbing to New Heights with SRA" at the Western/Southern Joint Section Meeting March 30 - April 2 in Denver, Colorado.  If you are a newcomer, don't try to climb solo-there are many experienced SRA members who are standing by ready to 'belay-on' for you and show you the approach to overcome your difficulties.  If you are a seasoned pro come share your experiences on different routes to take in achieving professional goals.  Our plan is to provide you with the gear you need for your trek in research administration. 

We'll be bivouacking in style at the Westin Denver Downtown Hotel which just completed a $5 million dollar renovation and is a 4 star hotel located right across the street from the 16th Street Mall.  It is within walking distance of many local attractions such as Larimer Square, the United States Mint, Colorado's Ocean Journey (Aquarium) and several parks and museums.  You can enjoy the beautiful scenery that led to the composition of America the Beautiful.

At this meeting, we will offer three certificates that can be completed at the meeting - Financial Management, Clinical Trials Research Administration 101, and Research Law.  Workshops and concurrent sessions will be offered in six tracks: Professional Development, Financial Management, Pre-Award, Clinical Trials, Research Integrity and Law, and Hot Topics.

Get involved and get the most out of your SRA membership!  SRA is made of members helping members.  We are looking for volunteers to be room monitors, greet members at the registration desk, assist with newcomers, do presentations, help with dinner groups/tours, etc.  We'd love to hear from you if you have ideas on something you'd like to see or help out with.  We're going to avoid all whippers and screamers and have a great time learning and networking together at the base of the Rocky Mountains. 

Grab your backpack and we'll bring the granola!

Ed Black
President, Western Section

Fran Stephens
President, Southern Section