Metrics Intensive Training Program in Indianapolis

July 19 - July 20, 2017
The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN

Maximizing performance, making good decisions, increasing efficiency and reducing administrative burden for researchers (administrative nirvana) is a top priority for everyone in research administration and research development roles.

This 2-day program will be made up of two distinct sections. The first day will focus on the theory and tools utilized to accomplish administrative nirvana. The second day will be highly engaging of participants and focus around using all the new information we have gathered and using it to develop a basket of metrics applicable to our individual operations.

Day 1: Wednesday, July 19

1. Utilizing Data to Make Good Decisions: Learn how to enable a successful data-driven decision support system

2. Creating a KPI Driven Performance Management System (Research and Research Support): Learn how to maximize performance of a research support unit by implementing unit reviews,  researcher focus groups, surveys creating annual reports and strategic plans (all very much metrics driven).

3. Systems and Tools: Learn all about the various tools and systems that are used in managing data, supporting and measuring research and maximizing performance.

Day 2: Thursday, July 20

The second day will break-out into 4 sections depending on particular interests of participants:

1. Research Excellence/Impact Metrics
2. Research Administration Pre-award
3. Research Compliance and post award
4. Research Development

The overall goal of the workshop is very much to give participants a good working knowledge of how to build a successful performance management system, how to make good decisions using data and analytics and finally to leave the workshop with a basket of KPIs that we can take back to our institutions and usefully apply, increasing efficiency and performance.