Catalyst by Month: August 2016

by SRA International on August 28, 2016

This workshop walks administrators through the entire life-cycle including PCORI’s legislation, current funding opportunities, application process and how to navigate the PCORI online system, how to include patients and stakeholders as part of the research team, allowable and unallowable costs, post-award requirements, and award closeout. With over $1.25 billion to fund in the next three years, this session helps administrators submit and manage responsive applications.... Read more

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by Zoya Davis-Hamilton on August 27, 2016

This month we sought opinions on the importance of such issues as spatial proximity, face time, and personal relationships with investigators, to the success of various research administration models. We will continue to check the “pulse” of the research administration community on various topics every other month. Look for the next column in the SRA Catalyst in October of 2016.... Read more

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by Angela Yost on August 26, 2016

Perhaps not surprisingly, advances in human research, much like any other aspect of science, has really boomed over the last decade. With more research involving human subjects comes more responsibility and more public scrutiny. Research using human subjects raises two major questions: (1) Is it necessary to perform the experiment using human subjects to answer the question(s) at hand?, and (2) Is the research important enough to validate the need for human research?... Read more

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by Jason Guilbeault on August 25, 2016

2016 Compliance Supplement Released - Repost from Research Administration List on behalf of Jason Guilbeault... Read more

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by Andrea Deaton on August 24, 2016

Howdy fellow research administrators! We hope you are making plans to attend the SRA International Annual Meeting to be held in San Antonio, Texas, October 22-26, 2016. This year’s theme is “Explore, Educate, Engage.” You will find a wealth of information about the event via the 2016 SRA International Annual Meeting website.... Read more

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by Tonya Edvalson on August 23, 2016

Planning is well on its way for the Western/Northeast Section Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii on April 2-5, 2017. We know it will be a great meeting where networking and a good learning atmosphere will be present. L ast month we shared the tracks and certificates that will be offered. Now that summer is coming to an end, our Call for Proposals will be out soon. So put on your thinking caps and get your submissions ready!... Read more

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by Gloria W. Greene on August 22, 2016

Heather and I are excited about the upcoming SOMW Conference in Nashville, Tennessee next year (May 7-10, 2017). Thanks to our Contest Winner Ms. Catherine Seay-Ostrowski, University of Michigan, for coming up with our theme “The Spirit of Nashville: Making Your Own Music in Research Administration,” and to Ms. Anne Schauer, Miami University-Ohio for our logo.... Read more

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by Lisa Walker on August 21, 2016

Join us for dinner as we kick-off our 20 year anniversary celebration!... Read more

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by Elliott Kulakowski on August 21, 2016

At the 2016 Annual ARMA meeting, that was held earlier this month in Birmingham, England, the 9-month Vice Presidents (Directors) for Research International Leadership Program co-sponsored by SRA International, ARMA and the Leadership Foundation of Higher Education concluded. This program began at the SRA International Annual Meeting in Las Vegas and concluded at the ARMA annual meeting.... Read more

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by SRA International on August 20, 2016

The National Science Foundation is beginning the process of updating its Strategic Plan. As part of that process, the Foundation invites feedback on the Vision, Core Values, Strategic Goals and Strategic Objectives described in the current NSF Strategic Plan... Read more

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by Angela Yost on August 20, 2016

The fifth SRA Catalyst Crossword Puzzle! Already adept at answering SRA Crosswords? Try again! This month's theme is ' Intellectual Property' ! Channel your research chops and rediscover your diction and definitions! Take this trial of terminology and look for the answers for this month's puzzle in the next SRA Catalyst!... Read more

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