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by on March 30, 2017

We are calling all of YOU - authors, contributors, innovators, hobby journalists to submit articles on a topic of your choice for an upcoming issue of the Catalyst.... Read more

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by on March 30, 2017

I am pleased to announce the new strategic plan for SRA International . This plan is only as good as the actions that are to follow. We are a society of incredibly talented professionals with amazing ideas and enthusiasm and we all want the same thing.... Read more

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by on March 30, 2017

Happy Spring! (Even though as I write this, we are hopefully in the middle of Mother Nature’s last hurrah.) The Board of Directors met in February and had some great decisions.... Read more

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by William F. Hoffman, Jr. on March 30, 2017

As we begin to thaw out from the many snowstorms and ice storms that have ravaged our Section recently, I want everyone to think for a moment of pristine sandy beaches, warm ocean breezes, a luau and wonderful ocean views.... Read more

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by Devin Kreuger on March 30, 2017

‘Bonjour!’ from the Great White North, eh! This year the Canadian Section is saying a heartfelt goodbye to our long-standing Secretary/Treasurer, Joanne Lauzon, as she is gearing up to retire from her position of Assistant Director, Research Collaborations from the University of Ottawa.... Read more

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by Debra Shaller-Demers on March 30, 2017

SRA International members rock! As research management and administration professionals, they never stop improving, learning, achieving, or earning new heights of success. We love sharing good news and offering a well-deserved slap on the back for recent personal and/or professional achievement. In keeping with that sentiment, please join with us as we wish Scott Niles congratulations on his new job at Morehead State University.... Read more

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by SRA International on March 30, 2017

Arlington, Virginia, March 16, 2017 -- The Society of Research Administrators International (SRA International) today announced that Elliott Kulakowski will step down from his role as CEO of SRA International effective March 31, 2017.... Read more

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by Jill Fraser on March 30, 2017

This past February, I participated in one of the Intensive Training Programs offered during the SRA International Winter session.... Read more

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by Ed Black on March 30, 2017

Fellow SRA members, The membership committee is interested in bringing those who have let their memberships lapse back into SRA.... Read more

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by on March 30, 2017

The North Carolina Chapter celebrated its 20th anniversary during its annual meeting on March 17, 2017, at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.... Read more

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