Spring Intensive Training Programs & Departmental Administration
May 7-8, New Orleans, LA

  • Departmental Administration 
    This two-day program will cover proposal development, sponsored projects administration, cost principles, account monitoring and reconciliation, closeout, and other topics that a departmental research administrator would need to know to help them manage their department.
  • Contracts and Subagreements
    The purpose of this program is understanding grants, contracts and subagreements and developing best practices for administering those award mechanisms are important concepts to consider when determining what awards to accept at your institution. 
  • Change Leadership: The Path to Collaboration. A Skills-based Program for Research Administrators
    In this workshop, you will work with psychologist Stan Sack, PhD in leadership innovation to build YOUR core thinking and language skills for collaboration-leadership, coaching, reimagining “customer experience” with procedural and expense compliance activities and improved process flow.
  • Metrics Intensive Training
    This two-day program will be made up of two distinct sections. The first day will focus on the theory and tools utilized to accomplish administrative nirvana. The second day will be highly engaging of participants and focus around using all the new information we have gathered and using it to develop a basket of metrics applicable to our individual operations.

* All four programs are running concurrently. Participants to choose area of interest at registration. 

Summer Intensive Training Programs & Basics of Research Administration
July 16-18, Milwaukee, WI

  • Basics of Research Administration
    Research administration is comprised of many facets. The purpose of this conference is to provide participants with a broad overview of the various aspects involved in research administration. 
  • Strategies and Best Practices for Successful Proposal Development
    This training will provide information, strategies and best practices for successful proposal development at your home institution.
  • The Intersection of Research Integrity and Compliance in Research Management
    The purpose of this program is to support responsible research organizations and provide a framework and guidance for research integrity and effective research management.
  • Train the Trainer Program
    Train the Trainer will give research administrators the confidence to be able to begin creating an effective training platform for their organization. It will look at types of training, content development, and examine presentation styles and techniques that will enable the trainer to deliver a successful experience with their audience.

* All four programs are running concurrently. Participants to choose area of interest at registration. 

Senior Executive Institute
October 27-28, Orlando, FL 

This Senior Executive Institute (SEI) is designed for and will be guided by individuals at the upper levels of administration within higher education and the non-profit and for-profit research communities. The SEI will provide learning and sharing opportunities on issues of critical importance to US and international leaders who are facing a challenging and opportunity-filled period.