Certificate Programs

About the SRA International Certificate Program

The Society of Research Administrators International maintains 12 Certificates in the field of research administration, which includes hospitals, universities, nonprofits and commercial institutions. The SRA International Certificate Program offers comprehensive training specific to today’s educational needs of research administrators.

Certificate Guidelines

The curriculum for each certificate includes a required half-day or full-day workshop and four (4) to eight (8) concurrent sessions, which are held at various SRA International meetings throughout the year. Workshops require separate registration from the full conference.

Certificate Program course credit is earned and awarded only if full SRA International membership is in effect at the time the course is taken. Only full members may receive credit for taking certificate program workshops and sessions; affiliate members, non-members and those with a lapsed membership will not receive educational credit for any Certificate Program sessions or workshops taken during the time full membership is not in effect.

SRA International  members have up to three years to complete certificate program requirements, allowing greater flexibility to manage time, travel and budget constraints. This means if a Certificate Program is started in Fall 2017, it must be completed in Fall 2020. If you have any questions about certificate courses offered in the past, contact srameetings@srainternational.org for details.

*Note Regarding Clinical Trials 201 Enrollment Requirement
SRA International members may take an advanced placement test for Clinical Trials 101 in lieu of taking Clinical Trials 101 before enrolling in Clinical Trials 201. Please contact srameetings@srainternational.org for details, or for questions regarding SRA International's Certificate Programs.

About the Certificate Tracking Booklet

The tracking booklet allows members to easily record their progress. You can obtain a sticker at the conclusion of each workshop or session OR write in the name of the meeting and the year. Pick up the Certificate Tracking Booklet at the Registration Desk at Annual and Section Meetings.

Once all coursework has been completed, turn in your documentation to the Registration Desk at the end of the meeting to pick up your certificate. Or you may e-mail it to srameetings@srainternational.org to receive an electronic version of your certificate of completion.

If you attended a workshop or session at a previous SRA International meeting, list the meeting on the line next to the course. SRA International staff will verify your attendance at previous meetings. The blank lines under electives are for future meetings where new sessions may be added.