Senior Executive Institute

Senior Executive Institute: Strategic Research Management in a Changing Environment

How do institutions determine and evolve their research strategy?  How do they implement it and monitor performance?  Strategy development and delivery is both black art and hard grind.  This two-day program will provide participants with the opportunity to develop an institution’s research strategy and the knock-on effect on other strategies (HR, infrastructure etc.) and develop an implementation plan for the growth of its research.  The approach is hands-on where hard choices will have to be made.

Program structure
The program is based around a case study of a university, supported by comprehensive institutional research performance data, infused with short topic presentations, and with group working towards a facilitated feedback at the end.  Whilst a university is used for the case, the principles will apply to other types of research organization where there is a range of activities.  Participants will use the data set to develop a research strategy for this institution with attention given to practical implementation activities. The program will be facilitated by individuals bringing a range of dilemmas and different political and cultural insights.

The topics to be covered will include:

  • Use of research performance data in objectively analyzing institutional research performance

  • Development of strategies to grow institutional research performance recognizing that “one size does not fit all”: different units will have different research capacity, requiring a range of strategies across the institution

  • The balance of fundamental, applied and strategic research with dissemination, translation and societal exploitation of the results of research

  • The purpose, development and use of partnerships, with both academic collaborators and user / customer organizations.

  • How the Research Office can contribute to effective implementation of research strategies

  • The need for alignment of research strategies with overall institutional strategies, performance planning and monitoring, and support mechanisms.

These topics will be incorporated into a series of key presentations, each with plenary discussion.  Group working will draw on these areas of knowledge to resolve the issues faced by the case study institution.

Experience level/ target audience
Attendees are likely to be in leadership positions, or be realistically aspiring to such a position as their next move.

Learning objectives

  1. To understand the elements essential in an effective research strategy

  2. To learn, via exposure to a case study, how to implement strategies to drive institutional research performance

  3. To learn how to be an effective research manager as an important stakeholder in driving institutional research strategy