Basics of Research Administration

February 26 - February 28, 2018
Hyatt Centric at Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco, CA


Research administration is comprised of many facets. The purpose of this conference is to provide participants with a broad overview of the various aspects involved in research administration. The 2.5 day intensive course will discuss all areas of research administration:

  • Finding funding
  • Pre-award
  • Award acceptance
  • Compliance
  • Post-award

Who should attend

This program is intended primarily for the research administrators with less than 2 years experience who are involved in any area of research administration. The conference is targeted specifically to new personnel in positions such as pre-award coordinators, departmental administrators, post-award coordinators, compliance coordinators, grant accountants, and others with newly-acquired responsibilities who need to understand the broad spectrum of research administration.

Expected outcomes

After completing Basics of Research Administration, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the differences among various positions and their responsibilities in research administration
  • Understand the research administration process from beginning to end
  • Learn how to assist an investigator in finding funding sources
  • Distinguish between allowable and unallowable costs
  • Distinguish between direct and F&A (indirect) costs
  • Describe the various components of a proposal budget
  • Describe the difference type of award instruments
  • Identify and learn the purpose of the governing federal regulations
  • Identify the major compliance issues
  • Understand procurement, financial, records and property management
  • Describe the closeout process


“It was great to get an overview of the grants administration process and see how all the puzzle pieces fit together. Being in post-award, it was interesting to see what went on with the compliance, award acceptance, and pre-award side of things.” Guyane Valian, MBA, Grants and Contracts Coordinator, University of Southern California (Basics of Research Administration, San Diego, CA, January 2017)
“This conference was incredibly valuable and I am very pleased with the whole experience and information learned.  I really liked the handouts and especially the resource book that contained slides and other valuable information!  As a new research administrator, I really liked the flow of this class and how it logically followed the flow of the process.  I also liked that the instructors were careful not to assume that we already knew/understood anything.” Saralee Johnston, Research Project Coordinator, Office of Research, Intermountain Healthcare (Basics of Research Administration, Salt Lake City, UT, July 2016) 
"Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the program!  These topics have the potential to be terribly boring, but the presenters all did a wonderful job of taking the information and presenting in a manner that was engaging, informative, and entertaining!" Lisa P. Gremillion, Grants/Contract Specialist, Louisiana State University (Basics of Research Administration, Orlando, FL, February 2016)
"I thought that the setup of this program was wonderfully done.  I really enjoyed all the information.  It was a lot to take in, but I have resources that I didn't know I had before." Lenore Johnson, Office Manager, Florida Hospital Translational Research Institute for Diabetes and Metabolism (Basics of Research Administration, Orlando, FL, February 2016)
"This was a great opportunity to get the broad overview of what research admin is in general. A lot of it I already knew since I've been in it for a year, but there were a lot of subtle things I picked up on that will be very helpful." Patricia McGee-Welch, Executive Secretary, University of Houston - Clear Lake (Basics of Research Administration, Orlando, FL, February 2016)