Grant Writing and Proposal Development

February 16 - February 17, 2017
Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center
Atlanta, GA

Program Overview

Successful proposal development is a multi-faceted process that requires coordination between principal investigators, funding agencies, and the institutional staff and infrastructure that makes it all come together. This series of presentations will provide information, strategies, and examples of materials that can be used to enhance proposal development at the home institutions of the participants.

Topics Included:
• Key concepts and terminology for proposals and proposal writing, including standard or common proposal elements
• The common proposal review mechanisms and the ways these impact proposal writing
• Factors that complicate the proposal process and best practices for dealing with them
• Tools and best practices for proposal- and project-management
• Tools and best practices for assisting investigators for a smooth submission process

Intended Audience:
This session is intended for a general audience interested in learning more about proposal development and proposal writing. It will be of particular interest to newer research administrators and research administrators interested in research/proposal development. The program will include case-studies and hands-on practice.

Module 1: Before the Proposal Writing Begins
• Helping Investigators Position Themselves for Success
• Projects Drive Proposals, not the Other Way Around
• Identifying (In)Appropriate Funders
• Grants, Contracts, IDIQs, and Cooperative Agreements: Oh, My!
• Reading the RFP
• Interactions with Sponsors

Module 2: Let the Writing Begin!
• Three Writing Rules to Live By
• Common Proposal Elements and Their Role in Painting the Project's Picture
• Sponsor Review Processes and Their Impacts on Proposal Writing
• Collaboration and Its Discontents
• Logic Models, Timelines, and Other Helpful Tools
• Tips and Best Practices

Module 3: Revising and Resubmitting Unfunded Proposals
• Common Reasons for Declinations
• Common Grief Reactions to Getting Declined and How to Counter Them
• If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again....Maybe
• Serving as a Proposal Reviewer
• Q&A and Open Discussion