Catalyst by Month: June 2016

by SRA International on June 29, 2016

NSF continues to focus on the automated compliance checks of proposals in order to decrease the burden on both the research community and NSF staff. Effective July 25, 2016, all proposals will be subject to a new series of automated compliance validation checks to ensure proposals comply with requirements outlined in Chapter II.C.2. of the Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG).... Read more

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by Jim Mitchell on June 24, 2016

Posted on behalf of NSF, Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management Foundation’s entire suite of Award Terms and Conditions (see full listing below) has been revised to implement the requirements stipulated in Appendix XII to Part 200 of 2 CFR § 200 (the Uniform Guidance) regarding the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS), as well as other clarifications to the conditions.... Read more

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by Zoya Davis-Hamilton on June 20, 2016

A growing number of organizations have transitioned or are transitioning to a research administration service center model. This is a part of an overall movement toward greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and consistency of service quality in recent years. Service centers operate as an expansion of central research administration, effectively taking on pre- and post-award work that had traditionally been done at the department level.... Read more

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by Gregory Simpson on June 19, 2016

How an ideal proposal should be “written, submitted, and administrated” from the point of view of a department or school within a university can involve many integrated components. However, the importance of the day to day “street level bureaucrat” is paramount in reaching the “ideal”.... Read more

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by SRA International on June 18, 2016

We have some pretty amazing people with many backgrounds and different personalities who have a real passion for what they do. So, we thought what better way to show how we, at SRAI prepare for the biggest event of the year, the Annual Meeting, than to have our own employees share their stories? Today we’re kicking off a monthly interview series where we ask our employees about what preparation for the 2016 Annual Meeting in San Antonio is like for them.... Read more

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by Ed Black on June 18, 2016

Hello, fellow SRA members! I am happy to report that the planning for the 2016 annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas is on track and coming together nicely. As Co-Chairs, we have been meeting regularly to provide the best meeting we can in the fantastic city of San Antonio.... Read more

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by Jason Guilbeault on June 17, 2016

Our university recently had our kick-off meeting with our auditing firm and, as I expected, there are some new documentation requirements regarding internal controls. Several other institutions that I keep in touch with have also been asked by their auditing firms for similar new documentation, so in the spirit of sharing information amongst our SRA community, take this as a heads up if you have yet to start this process.... Read more

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by Debra Schaller-Demers on June 16, 2016

SRA International members rock! As research management and administration professionals, they never stop improving, learning, achieving, or earning new heights of success. We love sharing good news and offering a well-deserved slap on the back for recent personal and/or professional achievement. In keeping with that sentiment, please join with us as we wish Gordon Schwark well on his next adventure.... Read more

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by Annedorte Vad on June 15, 2016

SRA would very much like to support the exchange of best practice between members throughout the year and the Membership Committee is presently looking into opportunities for a Staff Exchange or Legal Alien Program. I've asked Sandra Nordahl from the San Diego State University Research Foundation on the perspectives from the Host and Rune Nørgaard Jørgensen from the University of Southern Denmark on the perspectives of such a visit.... Read more

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by Angela Yost on June 14, 2016

Third time's a charm with the SRA Catalyst Crossword Puzzle! Check your research chops and rediscover your diction and definitions! Take this trial of terminology and look for the answers for this month's puzzle in the next SRA Catalyst! Think you were able to solve last month's puzzle?... Read more

by Devin Kreuger on June 14, 2016

Early in June, the Canadian Section hosted a Research Metrics Workshop—the first workshop to be held in Canada in quite some time. Forty intrepid research administrators came to Toronto from across North America for the day. We had a bunch of folks from around Ontario, and we had Canadian participants from Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia.... Read more

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by Gloria W. Greene on June 13, 2016

We are starting to plan the joint Southern and Midwest Sections meeting in Nashville, TN (May 7-10, 2017) and we can sure use your help. When you receive an email from SRAI calling for volunteers, please answer the call by volunteering.... Read more

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by William F. Hoffman, Jr. on June 12, 2016

As summer begins, the Western Section and the Northeast Section have been meeting to begin to lay the foundation and groundwork for our combined April 2017 Section Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Executive Committees are currently narrowing down and voting on the theme of the meeting. We hope to have this decision made very shortly. Western Section President Tonya Edvalson and I also hope to have the certificates and tracks set for this meeting in the next few weeks.... Read more

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by Catherine Church on June 11, 2016

The 21st annual meeting of SRAI’s Virginia Chapter was held on Friday, June 10, 2016. This year’s conference theme was “Sharing Solutions and Gaining the Edge,” and was hosted for the very first time by James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. Nestled in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, JMU’s state-of-the-art Festival Conference and Student Center was an excellent venue.... Read more

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