New Editor For The Catalyst

by on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dear Catalyst Readers,

It is my pleasure and honor to take on the Editor role of the Catalyst. Being preceded by two extremely accomplished past editors, Susanne A. Van Weelden and Debra Schaller-Demers, makes this a deeply humbling experience. I look forward to this challenging yet exciting opportunity to learn from my predecessors and bring value to this essential e-newsletter. With the support of a great SRA staff and Catalyst contributors, I hope to continue the SRA Catalyst tradition of delivering exciting trends in research administration and valuable insights from top professionals.

As a research administrator and a former laboratory scientist, I recognize the paramount importance of informing the research community of the diverse and imperative role that research administrators play in the progress of the scientific community. From daily research operations to financial processes, research administrators ensure that the various aspects of scientific research run smoothly. At SRA, we believe that creating awareness of research administrative roles, challenges and advances is crucial towards building a necessary bridge with the scientific community. To this end, the Catalyst e-newsletter will continue to present the latest news in research administration, views from scientific thought leaders and research management professionals through timely and articulate publications. As enthusiastic supporters of continued education and learning, we will also strive to provide our readers with details of ongoing SRA International educational offerings.   

We are at an interesting juncture where research administration is rapidly evolving in order to adapt to new policies, administrative strategies and to the ever-changing landscape of technology and research funding. With all of these challenges, comes the opportunity to further our impact on the success of the research community. As the new editor of Catalyst, I am eager to capitalize on this opportunity and keep our readers engaged and mobilized through the support of the SRA staff, our excellent contributors and with ample guidance from my predecessors. 

Seema Dhindaw


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