Canadian Section Update

by Devin Kreuger on Thursday, March 30, 2017

‘Bonjour!’ from the Great White North, eh!

This year the Canadian Section is saying a heartfelt goodbye to our long-standing Secretary/Treasurer, Joanne Lauzon, as she is gearing up to retire from her position of Assistant Director, Research Collaborations from the University of Ottawa. Joanne has been an active member of SRAI since 2005 and she started volunteering shortly thereafter, in 2006. What does she remember about her first SRA meeting?

“My first memory of that event was that I was surprised to see what kind of US/International network existed for research administrators. It was very encouraging to know that I was not alone and that I could lean on fellow members for support.”

Joanne has helped the Canadian Section in a variety of ways since 2006, but her most significant impact has been as the Secretary/Treasurer from 2011-2016—a time of dynamic change for the Canadian Section.

Speaking of change, Joanne had the following parting message to share…

“One word of advice to new administrators is that you are venturing into a position which may at times seem overwhelming. It is an evolving profession with complexities and ever-changing rules and regulations. I find it useful to have a ‘toolbox’ which includes things such as important website links, forms, templates and a list of helpful contacts/mentors.”

As we say ‘Au Revoir’ to Joanne, we are also saying ‘Bonjour’ to Ellen Steinhauer, Awards & Honours Manager at Memorial University, who has stepped into the Secretary/Treasurer role. 

The Canadian section has been working hard with the International Section to organize the exciting 2017 International/Canadian Section Meeting, which will be held this May in Reykjavik, Iceland. We hope to see you there!

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