From the Editor: Call for Catalyst Contributors

by on Thursday, March 30, 2017

We are calling all of YOU - authors, contributors, innovators, hobby journalists to submit articles on a topic of your choice for an upcoming issue of the Catalyst. Get your voice heard! Show your talent and your interests! We welcome cutting edge pieces on management, perspectives on federal policy and the latest information on topics of interest to the SRAI research community.

Possible topics of interest and relevance to SRA International members:

• Sponsored Project Administration (Pre-award, Proposal Development)
• Financial Management (Award acceptance, Post-award, Effort Reporting)
• Research Integrity and Compliance (RCR, Research Subject Protections [IRB, IACUC, IBC, ESCRO], Compliance Review)
• Professional Development (Leadership, Mentoring, Conflict Resolution, Stress Reduction)
• Research Law (Regulations, Contracts, FCOI, Export Control, Information and Data Security)
• Management and Operations (Core Facilities, Metrics, Strategic Planning, Training)
• Clinical Research Administration
• Technology Transfer (IP, Patents, Commercialization)
• Dealing with US and non-US Funding Agencies (Governmental and Private)

As you know, administrators, managers and staff in the research community are vital players in the ever changing research enterprise. Each of you has unique contributions, insights, experiences and advice that should be shared with the SRAI membership in order to improve day to day institutional operations and scientific progress. The Catalyst is the ideal platform to share the latest news, issues and events that impact research, education and management.

Your written contribution to the Catalyst is significant because you understand the issues faced by the contemporary university, non-profit, healthcare, and industry environments. Contributing an article is an excellent way to have your voice heard. We encourage each of you to consider contributing an article to the Catalyst.

Remember that SRAI reserves the right to accept, reject and/or edit content submissions.

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