Letter from the Editor: Introducing Katie Watkins as Co-Editor of the Catalyst

by seema.dhindaw@nyumc.org on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It is my pleasure to welcome aboard Katie in her new role. Katie is not a stranger to SRAI and brings with her many years of experience as a volunteer editor, former Board Member and former Membership Committee Chair.  

Given her extensive background and commitment to SRA International, I am looking forward to working with and learning from Katie. Together we will continue the standard of excellence that the previous editors have set and help to transform the Catalyst into a blog. The assembly of each month’s issue is truly a team effort and each member’s contribution is deeply appreciated.

I am excited to introduce the June issue of the Catalyst which adds to our general knowledge about research administration and connects the SRAI community with colleagues to build personal and professional relationships. In this issue, there are updates from chapter meetings, as well as information on upcoming events and webinars. In this issue, we feature an article by Ruby Linares which presents a fresh perspective on the changing research landscape due to an influx of big data.  

We are also bringing back an article from the past on Funding Opportunities which is very much appropriate for today.  Check out the Kudos Corner to see what’s new with some of our members and read the fascinating article by Karen Bone which will give you a look into a day in the life of an SRAI Member.

As research administrators we assist researchers and organizations in procuring and managing funding to create a better future with new technology and therapies that will improve our lives and prolong them. The diversity of authors, institutions and perspectives is what makes the Catalyst unique. This issue has something to offer everyone.

Enjoy reading and see you next month,

Seema Dhindaw
SRAI Catalyst Co-editor


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