The Society has a tradition of publishing contributed papers and posters designed to advance and enrich the body of knowledge of research administration and management as an art and science during its annual meeting. Nomination forms are emailed to SRAI International members at the beginning of each year. 

Papers and Posters should represent an important contribution to the research administration body of knowledge or successful demonstrate significant milestones of success that are of interest or importance. They should not be used as a marketing resource for an institution's success, but should articulate advances in research administration or management. 

2017 SRA International Symposium Paper Presentations

Join us on Monday and Tuesday from 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM in the General Session Ballroom as the Symposium Paper finalists present their papers and compete for the 2017 Best Paper of the Year Award! Awards will be announced after the 2017 SRA International Annual Meeting. 

Winners will be invited to the awards ceremony which will take place during the 2018 SRA International Annual Meeting in Vancouver. 

Competing for the Best Paper of the Year Award

Identifying, Evaluating and Catalyzing Clusters of Research Excellence
Author(s): Kyle Demes; Helen M. Burt; Gail C. Murphy
Representing: The University of British Columbia

Tailored Approach to Strengthen Programs and Promote Translational Research
Author(s): Rachel Galbraith, MPH; Eric Holland, MD; Nola Klemfuss, MHA; Raquel Sanchez
Representing: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Best Practices: Knowledge Transfer in the Research Support Office for Effective Problem-Solving
Author(s): Marie Rose Thorpe, BA; Elizabeth Batchilly, MSc; Eliza Njilan Johnson, BA; Amulai Touray, MSc  
Representing: Medical Research Council The Gambia 

2017 SRA International Symposium Poster Presentations

Accepted posters are competing for the 2017 Best Poster of the Year Award in the North American and International categories as well as the People's Choice Award. 

Competing for the Best Poster of the Year Award 

Dynamic Early Stage Investigators Guiding Network (DESIGN)
Author(s): James Adams; Cathy Lin; Pam Lindberg; Shama Samant
Representing: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Modeling and Measuring the Full Cost of Biomedical Research Enterprise and Areas of Institutional Investment in Research
Author(s): Roohi Baveja, PhD, MS; Heather Offhaus; Caleb Smith, MPA
Representing: University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research

The Clinical Trials Transformation: Wholescale Change Management to Create Knowledge
Author(s): Mollie Bodin, MA; Cynthia Bower, MS; Teri Grieb, PhD
Representing: Clinical Trials Support Office, University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research 

Clinical Trials Support Units: Innovative Infrastructure to Take the Administrative Burden Out of Science 
Author(s): Ann Cornicelli, BSN; Kate Huffman, BSN; Matthew Innes, MBA; Diana Miller, MS; Barbara Munsey, BS; Tracey Naylor, MS; Cynthia Bower, MS
Representing: Clinical Trials Support Office, University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research 

Exploration of Challenges in Designing and Implementing Staff Development and Training Programmes in Research Organizations: The University of Malawi College of Medicine Research Affiliates 
Author(s): Mdingase Chirwa; Esther Gondwe; Sebastian Mboma
Representing: Blantyre Malaria Project – A University of Malawi – College of Medicine

Cohort for Alternatives to Effort Reporting: Model Policy and Compensation Standards for the Reduction of Faculty and Administrative Burden 
Author(s): Jeremy Forsberg; Lisa Mosley; David Ngo
Representing: University of Texas at Arlington; Yale University; The New School

Research Administration of Clinical and Translational Sciences Awards (CTSAs)
Author(s): Tammy Good; Rhonda Hannah; Jaimee Stagner
Representing: Indiana University; Northwestern University; Washington University in St. Louis

Building a House of Bricks: Establishing a Sustainable Office of Research
Author(s): Kymia Love Jackson, MBA, MS; Monica Batistapau, BS; Danisha Benjamin, BA
Representing: University of South Florida College of Pharmacy

Kick-starting a Travel Laptop Program on a Budget
Author(s): Quinton Johnson, JD, ECoP
Representing: Virginia Commonwealth University

Utilization of Mobile Recruitment to Improve Research Participant Involvement in Clinical Trials: The (MoRe) Concept
Author(s): Marcus Johnson; Danielle J. Beck; Tawni Kenworthy-Heinige; Cyenthia Willis
Representing: US Department of Veterans Affairs; VA San Diego Healthcare System; VA Portland Healthcare System; VA North Texas Health Care System

Methods to Prioritize Impact of Limited Research Resources
Author(s): Nola Klemfuss; Eric Holland; Rachel Galbraith; Raquel Sanchez  
Representing: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

UCLA Research Administrators Campus Committee (RACC)
Author(s): Mark Lucas; Dion Baybridge; Karla Breen; V. Bill Dominguez; David Jaquez; Annette Klufas; Raellen Man; Shannon McGarry; Catherine Rujanuruks; Anne Skinner; Lana Song; Keith W. Steele; Dawn Zelmanowitz 
Representing: University of California, Los Angeles - David Geffen School of Medicine, Herb Alpert School of Music, Luskin School of Public Affairs, Graduate School of Education 

Managing Vacancies in the Research Administration Office
Author(s): Cira Mathis, CRA, PMP, MSc-SHRM
Representing: University of Northern Colorado

DATA: Don’t Let It Be Just Another 4 Letter Word
Author(s): Anita Mills; Alex Cunha
Representing: Cayuse

Research Administrators: A Critical Component in Research Training of Makerere University MEPI Junior Faculty in the NURTURE Program
Author(s): Harriet Nambooze; Dickson Muyomba; Shem Wakaindha  
Representing: NURTURE and THRIVE Programs, Makerere University

Building Interdisciplinary Research Capacity
Author(s): Goret Paulo
Representing: Fundação Getulio Vargas

Enhancing Research in the College of Health Sciences: The H3Africa Iearda Support
Author(s): Isabella Rockson; Nana Oye Akuffo
Representing: University of Ghana

Personalized OncoGenomics Project (POG) - Program Management and Process Development
Author(s): Robyn Roscoe; Leslie Alfaro; Alexandra Fok; Janessa Laskin; Marco Marra; Jessica Nelson; Katherine Poh; Payal Sipahimalani
Representing: BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre

PI Transfer to New Institution: Mapping Responsibilities and Procedures
Author(s): Jessica Rowell; Dave Christopher; Megan E. Schosker; Thao Tsuda
Representing: University of Colorado Boulder

Providing Equal Opportunities for International Researchers to Apply for Domestic Grants in Japan: A Case Study from Osaka University
Author(s): Xin Yao; Mayumi Mochizuki
Representing: Osaka University 

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